Core Business

The three major centers of enterprisearchitecture are: enterprise operation center, R&D verification center, andmanufacturing center. The company has established subsidiaries inShenzhen, Huizhou and Jiangxi, and the company will gradually promote theestablishment of other regional subsidiaries. In the field of opticaltechnology, it has a number of invention patents and a number of technicalpatents. It integrates the field of smart city construction and hasobtained many first-ever high-tech patents in the global lighting industry.

Do it with yourheart, nature is good

Committed to the launch of more classic,fashion,   environmentally friendly,

economic lighting products

The global lighting industry leader

Mature marketing system, products are exportedto more than 70 countries and regions around the world

Years of precipitation and accumulation

Its brand products are strong, and themarket influence is continuously strengthened.

Company Introduction

Guangdong Jianbang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., is headquatered in Shenzhen, China.Founded in 2010, it is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research anddevelopment and manufacturing of intelligent light sources. The company hasdeveloped rapidly since its establishment and its business has spread all overthe world. It only took several years for the company todevelop into aworld-famous smart light source equipment OEM and manufacturer.

Jianbang has a strongR & D team, who looks forward to the future, pursures perfection andconstantly produces the pleasing and classic products that meet the needs ofthe public. The company has developed a series of more than 100 productsincluding intelligent LED ceiling lamps and ball lamps. Jianbang is not only asenior member of the Global Smart Products Association, boasting smart productcertification but also has various certifications in some countries and regionssuch as the United States, Japan, the European Union, South Korea, Australia,Canada, South Africa, Israel, and Taiwan. More than 10% of the company’s salesrevenue is spent on R&D each year. The company’s R&D base in Shenzhenhas a first-class R&D team, and continuously brings the latest R&Dresults from the laboratory to the market, thus ensuring the leading edge ofinnovative technology in the industry. Jianbang’s products are known for theirexcellent quality, which are manufactured in accordance with the ISO9001quality system. The products must undergo strict inspection in each productionprocedure in accordance withthe requirements of customers before they go to the market.

Looking forwardto the future, Jianbang is obliged to the mission that "technology createsa smart life". Jianbang's vision is to "improve China's technology andmake life more exciting"! We believe that with it is strong strength andexcellent manufacturing capacity, the Jianbang brand will continue to advanceand create the highest quality products as well as faciliate more popular brands!

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